Why Sell Used Clothes To Us?

sell used clothesThere are many options when it comes to what to do with all of the clothes you no longer wear. You have taken time out of your day to sort through those out of style or too tight items and now you need to figure out how to get rid of them for good. We know you have a lot of option when it comes to donating your old clothing and other cloth item, but did you know that you can sell used clothes? That’s right; by donating through us you can make a few dollars and help communities in need all around the world!

When you either drop off your items, donate through a scheduled pick-up or through a clothing drive for the charity of your choice, your items will be weighed and you are paid on the spot at 10 cents per pound of donations.

After you drop them off and get paid on the spot, your item are off to be sorted and sent to their second life helping those who are most in need in our communities or are sold to help raise further funds. Whether your items lands in the hands of those in need locally or in the hands of someone in the international communities we assist, you can be assured that they are being put to use to better the world!

What Are We Doing With The Clothes you sold us ?

Once your clothing leaves your hands and is passed to ours, it is sorted and those items suitable for re-use are separated out. Once sorted, these items are donated through us and other charitable organization we work with to aid developing communities in reaching their full potential.

Whether these communities are local or thousands of kilometers away, we are making a difference in the quality of life for each of the recipients of your no longer needed items or cash donations you create through your clothing drives.

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With many projects ongoing and new ones on the horizon, we are always looking to find a new home for you clothing and cloth items that are taking up space in your closet. We provide a great opportunity to sell used clothes to put money in your pocket or towards your charitable cause and help dozens of other great causes in the process. Whether you sell used close to us directly or do clothing drive for the charity of your choice, the impact you make will create a world of difference in someone’s life.

How Selling Used Clothes Supports Developing Countries?

When you donate your used to clothes to Cash for Clothes Canada, you provide not just clothing, but opportunities to those who are less fortunate and put cash into your pocket or towards your charity of choice!

Whether that money goes to charity, your college fund, or towards your new wardrobe, you have the ability to make a difference both near and far.  By providing clothing and other cloth items to communities in need, you provide a basic necessity, allowing for their focus to go towards building and improving their lives. Whether you provide warm clothes to keep out the winter cold or summer clothes to protect from the heat and sun, your donation can give a man or women the ability to work to support their families or a child the ability to attend school.

Donate through one of campaigns for non-profit organization and you are helping to send much needed financial aid to communities all over the world. Whether it goes to funding medical care, education, housing, or food, every dollar donated can move someone closer to a better life and communities towards stronger futures.