Sell my clothes

Why Sell and Not To Throw Away your used clothes ?

Take a look in your closet. How many items do you see that you haven’t warn in 3 months? 6 months? A year or more? Now, imagine taking a look in a hundred closets like yours. You would see thousands of items that while they are still wearable, may not suite the style of their original owner or no longer fit the way they would like the items too. Now imagine if each of those items ended up in the landfill. That is a lot of space being taken up and a lot of reusable items not being reused! Not to mention the money that you and other people are losing by not donating their clothing and other cloth items.

By selling those items and not just tossing them into a landfill, you are getting rid of clutter in your closet, while reducing the amount of waste you are creating, making room for your new wardrobe and putting money in your pocket or towards the charity of your choice!

On top of that, when you sell your used clothing and cloth items through Cash for Clothes Canada, you are helping to support communities around the world and close to home. Through cash donations for your clothing drives, the sales of items through our stores or through direct donation of items, you are making a difference for those in need while reducing you impact on the environment.

Why Sell Used Clothes To Us?

You must still be wondering, why sell my clothes? The answer is simple. Plenty of organizations are will to take your clothing donations through donation bins or direct drop offs and they put the clothing to good use, but wouldn’t it be nice to receive something in return? Or be able to run a clothing drive of your own and make money for a charity of your choice? Cash for Clothing Canada give you the ability to do just that. We also offer home pick-up for your items, if our locations are a bit too far for you with you busy lifestyle. We will go the extra mile to make sure that your donations end up going to those in need and help prevent them continuing to fill space in your closet or from ending up in the landfill and missing out on the chance to have a second life.

How Selling My Clothes Supports Developing Countries?

There are several ways selling your clothing to Cash For Clothes Canada can help developing counties and communities in need. If you choose to sell your clothing as an individual, the clothing will be sold or donated to support various causes around the world, while putting money into your pocket. Another way to make an impact is through organizing a clothing drive with friends in your community. This gives you the chance to use the money you get by selling your clothing to help your favorite charity.

After your clothing has been donated to us, we sort it and sell some items through our stores, creating further donations and the money we need to run our operation. Other items are directly donated to those in need. These items are either worn by the recipients or sold to create income and stimulate local economies around the world.

It doesn’t matter if you sell your clothing to us as an individual or as part of an organized clothing drive, you can feel great selling your items knowing that they are being used to better the lives of those in need and boost locally economies in counties across the world!