Why Recycle Clothes?

used clothes for cash canadaWe love to recycle clothes and not just for the good Karma! Recycling means that less waste is ending up in our garbage bins and landfills, which reduces our impact on the environment. With populations growing and fewer and fewer places to put all the waste we produce, it is important to reuse what we can. We are doing our part by giving Canadians the opportunity to sell the used clothing they don’t want and give it a second life helping someone in need. That way we can have double the impact on the communities we help all around the world

Another reason we love to recycle clothes is how great it makes us feel. Being able to rid yourself of unwanted items, and give them a second life with someone who truly needs them, will leave you with a good feeling and money in your pocket or going to the charity of your choice.

Whether you partner with us to run a fundraising campaign for a charity of your choice, or sell your clothing directly to us, you are creating a difference in the lives of those in need in communities near and far. Clearing closet space, de-cluttering your life and helping those in need while making extra money has never been easier or felt this good!

What Do We Do When We Recycle Clothes?

After you have sorted and bagged or boxed your items for donation and it has been dropped off at one of our locations or picked up from your home, it is then sorted. Some items will go directly to be donated and other will be sold through our stores. The items that are sold through the stores create more cash donations and the finances needed to run our operations. The clothing that is directly donated goes straight to those in need through various charities. Once it is donated, it is either worn by the recipients or sold through local markets, creating an opportunity for a person in need to grow their own business and help their local economy. We aim to create multiple way for your gently used items to be recycled and given a new life helping those who need it most.

Be Green and Recycle Clothes

Being green has gone from being a trend to being a necessity to make sure that future generations still have a planet to call home. We hear about the negative impact that we have on our natural environment on a daily basis. It is our responsibility to do our part to make sure that we create less waste and reuse and re-purpose the things we buy whenever we can. Donating your clothing and other cloth items not only gives you the chance to clear out closet space while help your favorite charity and communities in need near and far, but allows you to live a greener life and keep thousands of items a year out of our landfills every year.

Cash for Clothes Canada provides a great avenue to be able to build on the ways you already go green in your everyday life while making a positive impact on the environment and on the lives of people in our communities. Every item that is donated through our organization is one less item that end up missing out on a second life and spending eternity in a landfill and one more item being reused. This help make sure that our future generation will still have a place to call home. So donate clothes, help your community and go green all at the same time with Cash for Clothes Canada!

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