Montreal refugee groups overwhelmed by clothing donations

Montreal refugee organizations report that they have been overwhelmed by the massive amount of clothing donations for Syrian refugees and are asking people to try and focus on other needed things such as:

  • School supplies.
  • Books: books for children, all sort of language books and any other book that will help them integrate with the Canadian system, language wise.
  • Toys and games for the kids.
  • Toiletries.
  • Non-perishable food.
  • Affordable housing and living places.
  • Volunteers of all kinds to provide an easier landing.

The Canadian Alliance for Syrian Aid and support said that its Montreal donations warehouse is completely full with clothes, said alliance’s Faisal Alazem. More than 3500 refugees are expected to arrive in Quebec all over the next month and that’s only the beginning. Thanks to the generosity of Montreal residence, the head chief of the Canadian Alliance said that his group now has enough winter equipment to provide warm clothes and supplies for every refugee that will arrive this year.

Alazem says, he have never expected that the group’s warehouse will be filled up so quickly, and with that he’s had to hire additional staff members and volunteers to help answer the phone and direct people who want to send more donations and other offers.

The biggest task now is that they need more volunteers to help and sort these enormous amount of clothes. After sorting it, they will be able to organize all of these clothes into bags in order to present it to the refugees that are doing their way to Quebec.

The fact that Montreal refugee groups are overwhelmed by clothing donations is just another great sign for the Canadian generosity towards the newcomers.