Why donate clothes to us?

cash for old clothesClothing items that have gone out of style or simply do not fit quite right anymore often end up in landfills or simply stashed away for years on end and never get the chance to have a second life. By donating clothes and other gently used and no longer needed clothe items to us, you can clear much needed closet space, while contributing too many good causes in both our local communities and communities around the globe in need of clothing donations.

We make it easy to donate clothes to us by providing drop of locations or having your items picked up from your door step at your convenience. After the pick-up of your items is complete, your items will go off to be sorted and used with various charitable organization to help communities near and far reach for a better future. We also provide a great way to reduce the waste going into our local landfills. By diverting your items away from the trash bin and into a donation bin, we can once again, help create a brighter and more sustainable future for our communities.

What is the process of selling or donating clothes to us?

You can donate clothes and other items to us in two easy steps. The first step you is to collect and sort the clothing and other clothe items that you no longer need and put them into bags or boxes. Items we accept are shoes, boots, hand bags, suit cases, clothing, toys, linen, towels, stuffed animals, sport equipment, jackets, coats, and all other miscellaneous cloth fabric items.

The next step is to get them to us. We have several drop off locations and love when people come to visit us! If you are not close to one of our locations or donation bins though, please feel free to give us a call through the contact number on our website and we can arrange pick-up for a time that works well for you. Your items will be weighed at our collection location or right at your door step and you will be paid on the spot! We pay 10 cents per pound for your donated clothing and other donation items. The only thing we ask is that all items are in bags or boxes to ensure easy weighing and transportation. In just two short and easy steps, your items are off to their new life, providing a very basic need for clothing to those in local and foreign communities who need help the most.

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Donate clothes and help the community

Cash for Clothes Canada provides several avenues to help our communities near and far, assisting in creating better lives for those in need. These avenues include thrift store recycling, clothing donation box collections, door-to-door clothing collections, laundry services recycling, “support your church” clothing donation program, and clothing drive for specific charities to help with their fundraising efforts. By participating in these types of campaigns or by donating your clothing directly though us, you give your items in communities in desperate need of assistance and clear out much needed space in your apartments or homes!

Whether we are assisting people locally here in Canada or in developing countries around the world, you can be certain that your items are being utilized to provide a better life to someone in need. There is no better way to clear your homes and create great Karma at the same time. So donate clothes, clear out your closets, and make a positive impact on the lives of people in need around the globe!