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About Cash for clothes Canada

Our business helps to divert clothing from landfills and provides much needed items for developing nations. By making it convenient for the community to recycle their used clothing, we positively impact society and the environment, while providing an additional method of funding for non-profit organizations.

Our cash for clothes programs work to decrease waste in our landfills, increase revenue and support the community.

  • Thrift Store Recycling

  • Clothing donation box collections

  • Door-to-door clothing collections
  • Laundry services recycling
  • “Support your church” clothing donation program
  • Clothing drive. Support your organization

More Info About Cash for clothes Canada

Recyclable clothing is often discarded because it is no longer fashionable or the right size. These articles may have very little wear and tear when they are thrown out.

Such items would be welcomed by others here in Canada and in developing countries where goods of such quality are too expensive or unavailable.

Recycling provides an opportunity to give a second life to clothing.

Why Cash 4 clothes Canada?

  1. Our programs and services are free of charge.
  2. We offer funding for charity organizations through used clothing collections.
  3. We pay on time every time.
  4. We pay for all items we recycle.
  5. We will customize funding programs to maximize financial impact.
  6. Our pick up services are FREE.
  7. We help to divert waste from our landfills, while providing funding to charitable organizations and the needy.
  8. We help support the community through used clothing collections and recycling.

*We no longer offer a drop of service. We only pick up , our pick up is free of charge and we pay on the spot, Call us to schedule a pick up, we pay by weight for all used clothing.